Hand Made Art and Prints Hidden Hands Collective


HHC is a group of artists.

We all come from different backgrounds and we all have a different approach and inspirations,

tattooing is what brought us together at first.

We paint, we print,  we draw, we exhibit and we do workshops and markets.

This is what HHC is about.


Susanna Widmann

I studied Arts and specialised in Illustration in Barcelona.

I work as a Tattooist, Printmaker and Illustrator. I draw using a Bic Biro because I love the texture that it leaves on watercolour paper and how it translates afterwards when printing, especially with the Photopolymer priniting technique, because of the variety of tones you can achieve as well the amount of detail you can transfer onto the plate..
Lately I’ve also been experimenting with Chine Collé to add colour, create layers and subtle textures. I’m fascinated by the endless possibilites of Printmaking.

As for the subject matter, I work with the dreamy and the surreal. I’m also very drawn  to old Encyclopedia engravings, especially those related to Fauna and Botanical subjects.

I have taken part in several exhibitions and fairs, including:

The Festival of Print (2017)

The Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair (both on 2018 and 2019)

The Stour Space (“What lies beneath?” 2018)

The London Illustration Fair (2019)

The House of Illustrators Winter Fair (2019)

I regularly do exhibitions and events with a group of artists from the East London Printmakers.


I am a self-taught artist and I experiment with tattooing, painting and printmaking. 

My works differ and are quite vast in approach and materials.

I like the idea of “feeling" when looking at my works which is why they are rather simple, rather folk, rather primitive and rather abstract. 


I have taken part in a few group exhibitions:

Meta, Meta in March 2017 c/o M35 Galerie - Lucerne

HOME 28 October – 4 November 2018 - London

WHAT’S LEFT? October  2019 - Milan

WHAT LIES BENEATH? October  2019- London 


Whilst studying a degree in biology and anthropology I became interested in contemporary body art and, after graduating, learnt to do piercing.
During this time I was encouraged to get involved in tattooing and started on an ongoing journey of self taught artistic learning.
I have always had a fascination with the art of traditional cultures, especially in relation to body art, and how they can be translated and reimagined in a modern, western aesthetic.
I have lately started experimenting with various techniques such as pyrography and carving on linoleum and wood.
I find that these techniques translate well from my tattooing experience and allow me to explore other artistic avenues whilst remaining very tactile.



Please feel free to contact us via email with any questions you may have.

Hand Made Art and Prints Hidden Hands Collective

270a Kentish Town Road




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