Storytelling on Fabric

February already!

We have been busy here at Hidden Hands Collective and are very happy to present you this exciting series of ‘Storytelling on Fabric’ by Mabe, who is one of the founder artists of the Hidden Hands Collective.

Mabe is a multifaceted artist, he is incredibly versatile and can not conceive of his art pointing in just one direction. He is very creative and takes inspiration from a wide range of artistic disciplines as well as simple life experiences.

When, many years ago, he was working for a fabric wholesaler, Mabe unknowingly cultivated an interest in textiles and art that is made using fabrics as the main focus, like in the traditional art of quilt making or the creation of flags.

There are references of quilt making dating back to 3400BC and although remnants of these quilts don't exist, historians have been able to use drawings and paintings to study them. As with most crafts they used to be a necessity and it has only been in recent years that quilt making has been considered an art form.
They often depict family life, tell popular stories, celebrate religious beliefs or simply mark important events.

They were a charming and versatile way used by the working classes to enrich their lives and add a unique feel and aesthetic to their homes, in the same way the upper classes did with wall tapestries.

In this new art project that we have called “Storytelling on Fabric” Mabe wanted to use these ancient art-crafts to tell his own story. Inspired by his tattooing art style, which is heavily influenced by folk art, his intention was to create a work of art that was not a painting, nor an illustration in the conventional way, but a piece of his own life, distilling the essence of quilt making but sewing it onto fabric to create a unique flag.
The work is not spontaneous, it is laborious, slow and meditative. It is because of the time invested in working with it that it has a mindfulness quality to it. It is a simple story that talks to the viewer.

There are two different designs each created in two colours:
“The Flying Birds” and the “Day Dreamer”.

They are made using natural cotton, black cotton and linen blend.
They measure 100 x 80cm and have 3 hanging loops of fabric to hang using a wooden rod or even a tree branch for a more authentic, rustic look.

The final pieces are now available in the Hidden Hands Collective shop, just follow this link.