Buy Independent.


Well, why not?

Well, Christmas is coming, and for a big chunk of the world’s population shopping will be a big priority. Some will buy for themselves, some for loved ones and this year more than ever we could all do with the “feel-good” sensation buying presents gives. 

Essentially, this post is meant to ask you to stop a minute before you head over to Amazon or any other really big chains (let’s not blame it all on one person) and consider the Small Independent Businesses first.

Most importantly when shopping with us, and other Small Independent Businesses, you are supporting real people instead of enormous corporations.

The vast majority of us have a good web page you can browse from or a welcoming little shop you can go to.

You can order online 24/7.

Most of us will post the next day, offer a click and collect either in store or at a collection point and some even deliver things themselves locally.

We can easily personalise your purchases adding a hand written message and sending them straight to whoever you want.

Our parcels are lovingly prepared and are waaaaay prettier than the ones used by big chains because simply, we care more.

Most of us, (we certainly do) will use sustainable packaging and materials because it’s about time we cared about the world we live in. Most big chains won’t care.

We also have returns policies and T&Cs in place, just like the big chains, should you need them.

Overall you see, we do the same as the big chains only better and it’s just a matter of changing your habits and attitudes a tinny bit…

I always found the idea of hard sales very annoying, so I don’t want to do it myself. I’m just writing about thoughts that have occured to me after having conversations with friends and family and also reading endless posts about how important it is shopping with a little bit more conciousness from now on. 

So browse our shop for ideas for yourself, your home, your loved ones and for anyone or any occasion you may need and also have a look at the following list of our 6 fav Small Independent Business out there:

  1. Kozo Sustainable Bags creates super fashionable bags of all shapes and sizes with an amazing sustainable material: Cellulose. (IG:@kozo_design)
  2. Dolsa Llibreta is personalised bookbinding at it’s finest. Marta Soley creates the most exquisite note books and drawing pads we have ever seen, there is so much love behind each one of them you'll want them all. (IG: @dolsallibreta)
  3. Lucy Bromilow creates gorgeous ceramics from candle holders to the perfect mug and anything in between. We love the subtle colours she uses. (IG:@wolimorb.ceramics)
  4. Sophie Home has an amazing collection of Home Textiles made in the softest cotton with Scandi inspired bold and contemporary designs. Also for kids! (IG:@sophiehome_london)
  5. Elsa Gomez from Brass and Bold who hand crafts contemporary jewelery that is simple yet sophisticated. (IG:@brassandbold)
  6. Azonzo Ceramics are unique pieces created by Valeria Nicolucci. They are bold, with an elegant rustic look and an African feel made completely by hand without a wheel. (IG:@azonzo_ceramics)

There are loads more  and it is quite easy to find us: ask your friends and family, check out your social media, your favourite magazines, or simply ask Google to help you find us.

And please, don’t forget to:

Recommend us, share us on social media, spread the love and essentially help us to be able to carry on making beautiful hand made things for you. 

Thank you!