On how the Art Codex PENSAMENTS was born.

I first came across Marta’s work in one of those capricious Instagram moments when browsing absentmindedly through my home feed. I normally swipe through quickly and I don’t often last very long, but… there it was… this beautiful photograph of a perfectly bound book. It looked so clean and so perfect, it was exquisit… I fell in love with @dolsallibreta (https://dolsallibreta.com/).

Some people ask her to bind their most precious works or memories. Some people order very specific blank books for their creative writing, dissertations, studies, sketches and anything you could think of. With hard covers, blind stitching, Japanese style, in booklets, and in any other style there is.
She also offers workshops, to spread the love for book binding and keeping important things forever bound. Always by hand and always with the love and dedication precious things deserve.

Our journey began when we started liking and commenting on each others posts very timidly, and for a long time that was that.

Then, out of the blue, Marta offered to give a few artists she particularly liked a handmade bound book for them to write, draw or paint whatever they wanted and document it. I was one of the lucky ones. I was so happy… it is such a beautiful object and one I’m still working on, I don’t want to rush it. I’m experimenting and playing every now and again. Whilst we were in communication about this, I asked her if she’d be happy to collaborate with me. I didn’t know how exactly, I just thought I’d love to do something with her.

We met via Zoom, and after just a few minutes we were so at ease with each other, talking about life, about the impact this whole Pandemic was having in our lives, work and especially our mental health and those around us, it was like chatting with an old friend.

It was when we talked about the need to express our thoughts through our work that the whole idea of the Art Codex came about.

Every single part of the design has been carefully thought out:

It is not just a note pad or a blank book. The Art Codex is a hand made book to let the mind flow.

The stiching is hidden to allow the cover to wrap and envelope the book like a blanket, protecting its contents.

One end of the cover can be used as a book mark and the other end has been cleverly folded to create a secret pocket.
Everything in this piece is a reflection of our thoughts, it has different types of paper from translucent to soft grey card and white paper, so we can decide to write or draw depending on the way we have different types of thoughts:
Some days our thoughts are clear and develop easily, some days they are foggy and shy, some days we have loud thoughts as well as hidden and secret ones on others.

The image on the cover is a hand printed Photopolymer showing a shell from which magnolia flowers emerge and grow, like our thoughts escaping from our heads. It has been printed on cotton paper using the softests of grey tones so the image inspires mindfulness.

We called it PENSAMENTS (the Catalan word for Thoughts) because although the book has been produced in two different countries and cities: Sabadell and London, it has been created in Catalan.

The name Art Codex was my husband Jesse’s idea. It was chosen to give this object the distinction and the value it deserves.

Codicies were the precusors to books. The handmade covers and pages were bound, to produce Illustrated manuscripts. They were laborious to produce, unique and precious. Their contents were manuscripted, illuminated and tightly linked to great ideas and Thoughts.

The first edition is now sold out and we’re already doing more. We couldn’t be happier.
You clearly appreciate what we’re doing and clearly understand the whole purpose of the Art Codex which is amazing. And very satisfying, as there’s hardly a better feeling than to create something with all your passion and love and get a positive response!

So, thank you.

The Art Codex is perfect for anyone with a creative mind, anyone who loves writing, drawing or simply appreciates having uniquely designed and crafted objects.
It is easy to carry at 18,5 x 14,5 cm.

The cover is printed on 250 gsm Somerset Paper. All paper and card used inside is recycled, ecological and FSC certified. The binding is made with linen thread.