A great little step forwards!

Hello again!

It feels like it has been an age since we last got in contact…

As we said back in July, two of us have packed a whole house, moved to a new country, have unpacked (still doing it!) and started a new adventure.

To be honest, everything has worked out really well, despite having had to organise millions of things, we made sure we had a tinny bit of time to have some holiday fun with our daughters too.

We feel exhausted, happy and we truly believe this has been the best choice for our family.

Now, finally, it is time to re-open the Hidden Hands Collective online shop fully again.

Mabe has been industriously working on some new exclusive limited edition prints that are a joy to look at!

They are all unique and original, one of a kind. They are modern, with a strong sense of minimalistic design, emphasising composition and balance, using some simple shapes and very little colour. They are very enticing.

We also have our limited editions of Risographs, Photopolymers and Print reliefs nice and tidy again back in our new studio, ready for your orders.


We, at Hidden Hands Collective, want to show you our artwork properly during this Autumn. We have been posting some of our designs on Instagram over the summer in different set ups, because we know it can be difficult to relate to one style of decor only. Seeing things in different settings will help you visualise and create new exciting looks for your home.


We believe there’s a place for art in every room in the house and we know one doesn’t have to move to a different house in order to change the atmposphere radically. Moving things around a little (yes, be brave and give it a go!) putting new artwork on the walls does work wonders… and believe it or not, Autumn is the perfect time of the year to shake up your home decor.

Our body and mind start getting ready for the colder months, for the seasons we spend most time indoors… We all want to feel cozy and at peace at home with family, friends, a good book or film and it is scienifically proven that art has the power to do that.

So why not follow us on Instagram @hiddenhands.collective and let us help you with some tips over the next weeks?
As some of you asked, we will finally be working on our Pinterest page as well, as it has been in need of some TLC for months now and of course, we will also carry on posting our blog regularly with news and insights.

We are very excited to be whole and back again and can’t wait to start creating and showing you our new work!! We have already started by giving our web page a new look. Check it out here!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch either via DM on social media or via email (hiddenhandscollective@gmail.com) if you have any queries.