Holiday Postcard


This is just a quick one to let you know that after giving it some thought, we have decide to go abroad on holidays. I know this is the year in which we should all embrace the "Staycation" but  we felt visiting our loved ones (with all precautions in place, of course) was really important too.


These last few months have been intense to say the least, and although this is not a time we wish to re-live, it needs to be said that also good experiences and decisions have come out of being in lockdown. And so, we have been working our socks off to create the Collective, the online shop and everything that involves running a Small Independent Art Business.


We have a lot to learn yet and we're very eager to do so but, for a few days we're sticking to eating ice cream and enjoying some well deserved quality time.

Love to you all and see you in a few days!

HHC Team