Hello! Welcome to the Hidden Hands Collective’s Blog.
We haven’t done this blog business before… you see, being artists we’re a bit awkward and shy when it comes to talking about ourselves but we also thought that, with the lockdown and the social distancing, it is quite nice to actually stop being such introverts and reach out. Maybe it is true that the new normal will mean only getting to know people online, so with this in mind we’d like to tell you a bit about us.
We are three artists. We met because we work as Tattooist in a small private studio called Hidden Hands Tattoo in London. We love Tattooing but we never wanted it to be our only job, we are passionate about Art and Artistic expression in all its forms. So it was a natural development that, little by little, spending time together we decided to do something else.

At the beginning we decided to produce merchandise and artwork related to tattooing and the Tattoo Studio We created a brand called Piel de Lobo and a small Etsy shop, which we’ve kept going for a few years, but with Tattooing becoming so popular, becoming so mainstream, it was everywhere!… Soon, we didn’t feel it fullfiled our artistic intentions anymore. We had a chat over some beers and decided to start from scratch and set up the Collective.
At the beginning of the year, and as we were preparing new artwork, carving linos and woodblocks, printmaking and curating some of the art pieces we had from previous Fairs and Exhibitions, the whole world went into lockdown madness… It’s been weird to say the least, for everybody. We have struggled with worry and anxiety, lack of inspiration and creativity We’ve had to learn to work in different ways and at a different pace and we are still in a kind of limbo where things are changing constantly, are very volatile, but we are somehow adapting and managing to make the best we can of the situation.

One positive thing about this confinement has been the fact we’ve had time to sit down and do this brand new web page and plan our next steps as a Collective.
Well, we’ve managed to get to the end of this first blog post without cringing too much and actually we’ve quite enjoyed the therapeautic effect of saying things out loud.
Soooo, we want to tell you more!
About us, about our work, our influences, who and what inspires us, the printmaking techniques we use and all sorts of other stuff we think it’s interesting to share.
Until next month, then!
Look after yourselves and be kind.