The beginning of a new adventure…

This is such an exciting blog post for us!
Exaclty one year ago the Collective was created and introduced to the world.
Like thousands of people we were forced to pivot and change the course of our lives and livelyhood.
We too were suddenly hit by the incredible global lockdown that required us to take action and not let the situation control us.

Fifteen months on and it is still not over, although things are much better. It has been a roller coaster of emotions and now that things are slowly getting back to the way they were, we have found ourselves wanting to mantain some of the things we learned whilst in lockdown.

We learned that life is better at a slower pace.
We learned that it is important to do what makes us happy, that we only have one (very fragile) life.
We learned that it is important to prioritise sooner rather than later…
Oh! yes, and we learned that we don’t like Sourdough Bread enough to bake it every day!

So, after a lot of thinking, analysing and talking things through Jesse and I have decided to move our family to a small city a couple of hours north of Barcelona.

There we will have nature at our doorstep, a big inspiration for our work, and we believe our family will be able to slow down, spend more quality time together, have more freedom and be happier than in a big city like London.

This will also allow us to dedicate more time to the Collective, which is something we have been struggling to do in the last few months.
It has been near impossible to keep up with family life, returning to our full time job of tattooing and also to look after the Collective all at the same time.

This move means exciting times ahead for the Collective, as it is broadening and spreading. Being based in both the UK and Europe will place us closer and make us more accessible to more of our customers resulting in shorter lead times and reduce our carbon footprint when sending our work.

In order to do things right for everybody, from now until mid September, part of the Collective will be closed. We are packing not just our tattooing equipment and part of the Collective’s stock but an entire house! So closing part of the shop is really important in order to preserve our mental health!

Anyway, you can follow our packing, moving chaos, sneak peaks of our new destination and our semi holidays through our Instagram stories and posts and we will let you know as soon as we’re fully open again.

Bare with us, this is only the beginning of a great adventure!

Jesse, Susanna and Mabe.