We are always more than happy to accept commissions!
The way that we work with bespoke pieces is:
We have an inital consultation, via email or in person, about the exact detail of the artwork.
This is to discuss theme, technique, mood and any other details or specifications that you require.
We will also be able to talk about any limitations that might arise between your vision and our respective techniques and how best to consider them.
We will discuss the price, including a non-refundable deposit.
The deposit is required in case we start work on a design which is subsequently cancelled.
There is a 7 day cancellation period after paying the deposit during which the deposit can be refunded.
Once the first stage has been agreed upon we will send a very simple contract in which the details regarding the certificate of authenticity, type of artwork, the ownership of the artwork, its reproduction, the remaining payments and the completion date will be laid out and explained.
As soon as the contract has been signed and the 7 day cooling off period has passed, we will start working on the sketch
If appropriate for the type of art work we will send you images of the final drawing, before work is started on the last part of the project: the making of the final piece.
The time framed involved from start to finish once the contract is signed will be stated on the contract and will depend on the specific piece of work and techiques involved.
All pieces will be priced individually by the artist and will vary depending on the scope and nature of the commission.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. info@hiddenhandscollective.com